The Best Biometric Gun Safes

I was going over my notes on which biometric gun safe would be best for me. And it's clear that I will be going with Barska. They are definitely the front-runners in the industry this year and I cannot wait to pick one up from Amazon. Why Amazon? Well, simply put they always have the best deals. Best shipping, and of course the best warranties. I really like their customer first approach.

I will be going over the 3 main factors into buying my own biometric gun safe. They include:
• Look/Color
• Brand
• Size/Space

Deciding On A Color

For a lot of people, they will probably think it’s kind of weird that I would be worried about color. But, it’s not what you’re probably thinking.

You see, if a gun safe is dark, and placed in a dark area, it can be really hard to see. This is great because should someone break into my house, or a small child go off wondering in my house, there will be almost zero chance of them seeing the safe. This is really important to me. Someone can’t steal what they do not know is there. That alone is the best protection from thieves. They don’t see it, they don’t take it.

Deciding On A Brand

For brand I wanted to browse through online reviews. The best site I came across for this was TossTheKey A lot of quality tables put together over there and to be really honest, not one site compared.

I ended up going with Barska. As said in the first paragraph they are something else in this industry. Top of the line research and development and nothing less than spectacular customer service. Both huge deal makers – or breakers, for me.

I also wanted to go with the majority on this one. If a lot of people have invested their hard earned cash into these, then I feel lot of more confident in it.

Size & Space – I Got A Lot Of Guns!

I have 10 firearms. While I won’t list all of them off here, in fear of people thinking I am bragging. With 10 guns you need a lot of space! And most gun safes do not have that. At least the cheaper, smaller ones.

I wanted to be able to fit all of my guns in one safe, not have them spread around the house. I live in a state where it’s mandatory to have your guns under lock and key. Or in this case, fingerprint scanner.

I don’t live in a terrible area, so stealing rarely happens around here. Never really something to worry about.

With that being said, the Barska Extra Large Rifle Safe really caught my eye. A lot of space, and a few shelves. Can’t shoot without bullets, so I need someone to store those as well.

Closing Out

So today I ran you through my thought process in how I made the decision to buy the gun safe that I bought. It should be here in 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!
Having a new toy to play with is always great. Until next time.